I carry a full range of equipment in my van, giving the director and production a wide choice. This would normally have to be booked in advance.

Please confirm when booking, which camera format you wish to use.

If you have your own kit, booking your kit through a facility company or are a facility company, I am happy to be booked for labour only.


  • Sony: PMW 500, FS7, F5
  • Canon C300, Canon 5d mk3 DSLR
  • Red: Dragon, Scarlet
  • Arri: Alexa, Amira, Mini
  • Go Pros Hero
  • DJI Osmo

Camera Kit:

  • Zoom Control
  • Matte Box & Filters (Promist, Warming, Polarising, ND, Coloured Grads, etc.)
  • Panasonic 9” Colour Monitor
  • Radio Link Monitor
  • Follow Focus
  • Camera Batteries


  • Canon HI DEF: Wide-Angle HJ11 X2 Zoom Lens – Focal Length 4.7 to 104mm / Standard HJ22 X2 Zoom Lens – Focal length 7.7 to 336mm / Canon CN7 Zoom lens – Focal length 17mm to 120mm
  • Canon EF Lenses: 16mm –35mm lens / 24mm – 70mm lens / 70mm – 200mm lens / 24mm shift lens
  • Canon Compact Primes: 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm
  • Ulra Primes: 14mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm


  • Ronford F4 Head, Tall, Short Tripods
  • Sachtler 18P Head, Tall & Short Tripods
  • High Hat


  • Lighting Trolly. 2x2k, 1x1k, 2×800, 2×650, 2×300, Diva 400, 4×4 Kina Flo
  • X3 LED Panel Lights, Top Light, Lighting Stands, Gels, Cables, Flags, Reflectors
  • Magic Arms, Clamps, Suction Mounts, 2x Pole Cats
    HMI on request

Extra Equipment carried:

  • Jib arm
  • Track and flat bed dollie
  • Wally dollie
  • GoPro mini camera
  • DJI osmo

Whatever you need…

You may need a low light camera, close up macro lens, a 1000mm long lens, borescope/periscope lens or an image intensifier, specialist lighting for a particular shot or production, don’t worry these can be easily supplied. In fact, no matter what shot you may have in mind and are not too sure how it can be achieved, just give me a call.

And when you are cold, in the depths of winter, and  in need of a hot  tea or coffee I have just the job in my van. And when its the middle of the summer, cold drinks from the fridge. Biscuit tin and sweetie jar are kept under lock and key.

Lighting is important…

…whether it’s a simple interview situation that still requires quality lighting. A drama set, either in the studio or on location, where you can create different atmospheres with your lighting: a candle lit dinner, sunlight streaming through windows or a moonlit night scene with an air of mystery. Still life advertising shots of food, drink and anything else you can think of, or a car that requires its graceful lines to be shown and not destroyed.

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